Easter karaoke & disco


26th March 2016

Madeley working men’s club

7pm until late.

Adults £3 entry fee, Children we ask for donation only.

Raffle & Auction, Lots of fun to be had by all on this Easter weekend charity event.

Raising awareness of epilepsy and SUDEP. Providing anti suffocation pillows to those who have epilepsy.

Charity News

Hospital News

We are very happy to post this photograph on our website. Thank you so much to the Art bay for donating the plaques for the Gemma’s ray of hope room. Helping children to feel more relaxed whist undergoing tests for epilepsy. We will keep you updated with further developments.



Easter Sunday Charity Family Day.

BunnyLouise and Andysunny 1sunnnyEaster Sunday
Sunday 5th April at 14:00pm
Easter Sunday family fun day, Great raffle and auction, BBQ, bouncing castle, karaoke, music party games, was an amazing day had by all. Thank you to all who came along to support us. I’m sure you’ll all agree it was great day. Sue, Natalie and Leanne and everyone involved on the day raised a staggering £540.19. A huge thank you to you all. Supporting Gemma’s ray of hope.
The Red Lion,
18 Stoke Old Road,
Stoke- On-Trent.
ST4 6ES.

Epilepsy Awareness Day. March 26th 2015

26th March 2015 Thursday 10:00am – 15:00pm Epilepsy Awareness Day. LouAbbie, Emma & KatyDazAbbie, Emma, Sophie & Lizzie

Epilepsy Awareness Day at Newcastle Library.

In the photos are, Louise Ray, Darren Ray, Katy Sharman. Along with volunteers helping to raise awareness on epilepsy awareness day, Abbie, Emma, Sophie, Lizzie and also Becky. Many thanks for your help ladies.


Anti Suffocation Pillows.

Here at Gemma’s Ray of Hope we have been extremely busy, researching and putting plans into place. We are now pleased and excited to announce that we are able to provide Sleep Safe anti-suffocation pillows to those who need them. The pillows are fully funded by Gemma’s Ray of Hope and the recipient would incur no costs.

These pillows have features which help to prevent suffocation during sleep. They are made from highly porous foam which means they have greater ‘breathability’ than normal pillows. They have a slightly rippled surface which provides air spaces between the pillow surface and the micromesh cover ensuring that air can move freely over the pillow surface, even under the weight of a sleeping person’s head. They are hypoallergenic and easily washable, have a flexible matrix cavity within the actual pillow and breathable air ducts formed through the pillow.

The matrix cavity and breathable air ducts work together, creating unique advantages. Any movement from the sleeper pumps air from the matrix cavity, across the breathable ducts to pass around the head and prevent suffocation.

It is important to understand that the anti-suffocation pillows will not eliminate or prevent all causes of epilepsy related deaths, but they may reduce the risk of suffocation and are a precautionary measure to guard against nocturnal seizure related deaths.

If you believe that an anti-suffocation pillow would be of use to you or someone you know please contact us by Email or by telephone.

Please note :

Anti suffocation pillows are not suitable for children under the age of 2 years.

Gemma’s ray of hope will only provide a pillow if you have a diagnosis of epilepsy and nocturnal seizures. We are unable to provide a pillow without this information.

We can only provide pillows within the UK.

Pillows are NOT for re-sale

Recommended to change pillow every 3 years.

Gemma’s Ray of Hope rely strongly on funding so we are able to continue providing people with epilepsy, Anti suffocation pillows. If you are able to make a small donation this would be greatly appreciated.

Ann Summers

Lisa HillGardeners retreat
Lisa Hill (above) held an Ann summers Party helping to raise funds for Gemma’s Ray of Hope. 7.30pm Friday 17th October 2014.
This took place at the Gardeners Retreat, Boothen Green, Stoke ST4 4BJ.
Lisa managed to raise £105.00. A great night had by all.



Gemma’s ray of hope would like to thank everyone involved at Lol4Lally for their very hard work, planning and organising of events and fund raising. For choosing Gemma’s ray of hope charity, helping us to provide sleep safe anti suffocation pillows to adults and children who suffer with epilepsy, helping to raise the much needed awareness of both epilepsy and S.U.D.E.P  An extremely generous donation of over £16,500 raised and presented to the charity on Gemma’s 21st birthday. A very big thank you to ALL involved.

Mid Summer Mayhem

mid summer stallGemma’s Ray of Hope Stall, at The mid Summer Mayhem Sunday 14th September 2014.

Thank you to everyone that came along to support us.

I am pleased to announce the date for Midsummer Mayhem 2015.  Which will be on Sunday 26th July, from 11.00am until 4.30pm.