jayden 1sam n ant JaydenMy name is Samantha Roden, husband Ant Roden. We have a son called Jayden, when Jayden was born we noticed he was having seizures. These got worse each day we had many trips to the hospital with Jayden and his seizures. He then later got referred to a consultant who did an EEG which showed an abnormality, we had been waiting for this for 18 months when we finally got diagnoses of Epilepsy.

We first heard of Gemma’s Ray of Hope when we saw Louise’s dad’s car magnets and stickers. After seeing this I went on Facebook and spoke to Louise at the end of 2012. Louise explained that Gemma’s Ray of Hope hold a monthly support group where we could go and met the staff at Gemma’s Ray of Hope. On the 1st of April myself, Ant and Jayden went along to the support group, were we met Louise, Darren and Katy.  I explained everything that we as a family had been through and the types of seizures Jayden suffered from and how many he would have on a daily bases. Louise gave us Information Leaflets on Epilepsy and Seizures which she read through with us. Leaflets also covered S.U.D.E.P which is something we were never given information on or told about.

I stayed in contact with Louise and Katy over Facebook before, during and after Jayden’s diagnoses. Before Jayden got diagnosed me and Ant felt scared because we knew nothing about Epilepsy or how Jayden would be affected. After speaking to Louise, Katy and Darren, and being told al about Epilepsy and S.U.D.E.P after not knowing we felt very alert and with the information given to us by Gemma’s Ray of Hope we felt educated in what to do in many situations to do with Jayden and his Epilepsy.

After more Diagnosis come to light we organised another meeting with Katy and Louise to discuss the next steps. Along with us we took all the paper work to do with Jayden and his diagnosis. Louise an Katy took details from both myself and Ant and went on to find us some advice from Epilepsy nurse that Gemma’s Ray of Hope are in contact with, within about a week we got a reply and took the steps of advice given. We are still working with Gemma’s Ray of Hope onto the next steps of help we need.

Gemma’s Ray of Hope are still supporting me now, by being always being there if I need them I no they are only a phone call away, they keep there Facebook updated of any information or events that they are doing. I am regularly in contact with Katy who keeps me updated and is a great support to me and Ant. Jayden has grown very fond of Katy and I really appreciate all their support and hard work they are like my Epilepsy Family.